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3M Metal Foil Tapes are created for applications where thermal conductivity, heat and light reflection, flame protection and chemical resistance are needed: ideal for maintenance and repair operations or trasportation and costruction industries.

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    3M Aluminium Foil Tape 431 (0,09 mm) is composed by a dead- soft aluminum foil combined with an acrylic adhesive. It is made to resist to high temperature, UV degradation and humidity (like 3M 425). Type of price: per roll.

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    3M Alumnium Foil Tape 425 (0,13 mm) is made up by an acrylic adhesive and a dead soft aluminium foil backing. Created to resist to high temperatures, UV degradation and humidity. Type of price: per roll.

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How many things can you do with 3M VHB double-sided tape?
A scooter, for example!

How many things can you connect with an adhesive tape?
With the 3M VHB you can connect many more!